Winter Camp 2012

When: 6,7 & 8 July
Where: Huntleigh Girlguiding Centre, Silverstream Road, Crofton Downs, Wellington.
Cost: $30 per person.

Registration is now open at

Places are limited, so register now to ensure you don't miss out!

Please note, you need to have a my.greens login to register for wintercamp. If you don't already have an account, you can create one by clicking "create new account" when you get to the "please log in" screen, and following the prompts. Please remember to tick the Young Greens under "Groups" when you register.

Young Greens Winter Camp is a fantastic opportunity to meet other Young Greens, participate in a range of training sessions and learn more about the work of the Green MPs in Parliament.

This year's agenda is still being finalised, but some highlights include:


Q+A with Russel: Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman tells us a bit about his role, and answers any questions we might have.

The West Wing session: Green Party staff, including political and media advisors, executive assistants, interns and the communications coordinator talk about what it's like to work for the Green Party in Parliament, and answer the question "Is it really like The West Wing?"

Parliament Tour: Parliamentary staff take us on a tour of the historic Parliament buildings.

Being Green in local government: Green members of local/regional councils discuss what it's like to be a Green councillor, and the role of Green kaupapa and policy in local body decision-making.

Political Savvy workshop: Jackson teaches us what political savvy looks like and how we can get it!

Storytime with a "sage Green": Long-time members of the Green Party and green movement dish the dirt on quirky, scandalous or funny aspects of our Party's history.

Talking politics: Young Green MP Gareth Hughes helps us learn how to talk to people about the Green Party.


Young Greens - who are we, what do we do? Co-convenors Jackson Wood and Izzy Lomax run a workshop where the group explores the answers to these questions, and feeds into the Young Greens medium-term planning.

eDemocracy consultation: The Young Greens Executive will consult with the group on how we would like to see the Young Greens do eDemocracy.

Green Economics: Training session on a Green approach to studying our economy.

Local Body Campaigning: A session with an experienced political campaigner on running a local body election campaign.

Running a great stall: Stalls are often someone's first experience of interacting with the Green Party. Good stalls can help us gain votes, members and credibility. Young Green MP Holly Walker give us some pointers.


Group activity: Super exciting group activity - exact details to be determined.

Any questions or comments on winter camp, please contact Izzy - or 0277897165

Summer Camp

Summer camp for the past 4 years has taken place at Jeanette Fiztsimons' beautiful farm up in the Coromandel Peninsula.

We plan the upcoming Young Greens year and hold our Annual General Meeting and elect our representatives.

We discuss priority campaigns, hear fantastic speakers and partake in workshops facilitated by Young Green members...

You'll have the opportunity to meet Harry and Jeanette and also hang out, connect with nature, camp in the orchard and swim in the watering hole (the beautiful river on their farm).