Young Greens call on Government to act after fiscal announcement

The Young Greens are calling on the Government to take advantage of their economic position to do more to improve Aotearoa’s environmental and social conditions. There are 290,000 children that live below the poverty line, our teachers aren’t being paid enough, we have a mental health crisis, the housing and homelessness crises are still pervasive…

Open Letter to Minister of Energy

Category: Education, Energy

Dear Minister, During part of the student consultation process at my high school Onslow College, which is at the formative stages of extensive renovation plans, it shocked me to learn that there is absolutely no financial incentive for schools to become more energy efficient. The principal explained to the students present that the school is…

Views on Education

Category: Education

Babies learn incredibly fast. They learn to crawl and walk, to speak a language without even doing any study. As they grow older they learn to interact with others and even how to be diplomatic with their parents. How do babies do it? Surely they don’t have any special learning powers, it just comes naturally….